The role of concierge security officer is changing


concierge officers are trained to provide much more than just a Front of House presence or access control or switchboard monitoring. It is more important than ever that a concierge has a combination of formal role of concierge security duties and non-security services such as reception skills or commercial cleaning services. 

When you hire our Concierge Security staff, you’ll not only be getting a security team with experience in concierge security, but also a highly trained staff in first aid, telephone skills, front of house and reception duties to ensure your business runs smoothly and make your guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome. 

Adapting our Services to you

We always adapt our services to you rather than expect you to adapt to our services. We know that first-class customer service is an essential duty for concierge staff. In addition, our security team can wear alternative formal guard uniform on request, to fit in to your business’ brand.Personal safety is of paramount importance to everyone and we’re always going to strive to protect everyone we work for. Our prime concern is to always secure the premises, and to provide peace of mind for staff, visitors, and residents.

Why should you choose us?

• Our staff utilise their individual interpersonal skills and security experience, supported by our Operations Team, to protect your business interests including colleagues, employees, clients, contractors and the general public.

• Our 24-hour control room is always on hand to offer advice to the guard and client.

• Our supervisor will also pay our concierge staff random nightly visits on regular basis to ensure our high standards are maintained.

• We will appoint an account manager for your site and ensure we maintain regular contact which will allow you to provide feedback on our service.

• As an additional service, our concierge staff will routinely inspect all of the facilities inside the property, advising the building management wherever necessary of any repair work that needs undertaking: such as fixing faulty lifts, cracked pavements or windows, replacing light bulbs, or any other similar tasks. We aim to help avoid Health and Safety breaches by doing this, improving the time of repairs, which might otherwise go unreported for days or weeks.

• We also provide complimentary personalised services, such as receiving food deliveries, packages, or dry cleaning, making restaurant reservations or booking cabs, and other duties similar to these as per the client’s request.